My first exhibition :)

Over December 2018 I was lucky enough to have my pictures displayed in workhouse coffee in reading, uk. It was a really cool feeling to know that my pictures were up for people I don't know to see! Untill then it had mainly been friends and family viewing my work which, although really flattering and supportive, it can be hard to believe sometimes that they like your work for itself or because of their attachment to you. 

I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall during it to hear peoples comments or views out of curiosity.

I managed to sell two pictures which went beyond my expectations and gave me the feeling I'm on the right path :)

It was also a cool experience to work with my little brother. I was in Germany and had to send my work back to the uk so my brother Haydn, organised and arranged everything and took care of sales. I was very proud of him and it was nice to know I had someone to trust taking care of my work.