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Kayleigh Rhian Carroll

… is inspired by fairy-tales, the moon, night skies, space, Gothic writers, the spiritual world, witches and magic and all things melancholic and unexplained.


British artist living and working in Germany.

I studied a National Diploma in Art & Design at Reading Thames Valley University, and during this course I was introduced to the world of creative film which was all too alluring, and I went on to Farnham University of the Creative Arts to study a BA in Film & Digital Screen Arts.

Film took front seat for a while and I focused on writing, directing and editing short films and promotional videos whilst also working as a runner and assistant director in the Film & TV industry until my creativity and motivation started waning.

I went on a 9 month traveling trip to re-inspire myself and focus my thoughts and found my old flame for drawing and painting again. As I was undergoing some personal and spiritual transformations myself I became interested in Art Therapy, and that's the main theme of my current work. 

Whichever medium I use, the focus of my work is essentially about doing some form of art therapy on myself, using my work to express my thoughts and feelings, things that can't so easily be put into words or active thought, and to learn more about myself.